In a time and age where certain wrongful characteristics of society are presented to the public in a quick and sequential manner, it can be all too easy to let the negativities of the world define how we feel about our own lives. Be it inequality in opportunities between genders in education or inequality in financial distribution, there are countless aspects that are horrendous in this world. The key is to focus on positive aspects in our own lives while continually educating ourselves about the circumstances of the world. This is a far better plan to confront the unjust of the world rather than solely relying on the media as a source for our knowledge of the globe as a whole.

I have to admit that the video caught me off guard. I was expecting for the answers to the questions to be the worst case scenario. This might have been a sense of empathy for us to want to believe that things are worse than they really are. The truth is that we need to seek out our own resources to get reliable information. This is certainly not to say that these atrocities are not present in today’s societies.

What the speakers were able to do was present information that is strangely ironic in a certain sense. Most would not be willing to tell the world that things are not bad as they seem. Whoever claims this might come off as impassive or heartless. Taking this stance is a daunting task in my opinion. Yet the two were able to tackle the problem in an efficient and professional manner. Of course, I can imagine that a significant confidence booster for them was their thorough research for the statements they made.

The video appealed to me in a way that is difficult to put in simple words. After growing up all of these years while being constantly educated in a certain manner, it is definitely satisfying to be afforded such a brand new perspective on the overall situation of the current human population. I am sure that this type of logic can be applied to countless other aspects of societies. While the video focused on general contemporary issues, there are countless “smaller” topics of debate. Without a doubt this video offered me a better perspective on global matters.